Grounding or Earthing is not a Valid Treatment for Fibromyalgia

‘Grounding’ or ‘Earthing’ is a treatment you often see advocated for fibromyalgia. Its bunken. Its made up pseudoscience. There is no one shred of evidence that grounding can help fibromyalgia.

Those that promote grounding it almost always have a product to sells to allegedly better help you connect to the earth. They claim things like that we can connect with the Earths negative surface charge by being barefoot or sleeping on their product that is grounded. This is apparently needed in order to balance your internal circuitry and restore a lost electrical charge to help things like improving blood flow, reducing inflammation, reducing pain, treat cardiovascular disease and allow for better sleep. They will claim that its the free radicals in our bodies which are lacking an unpaired valence electron, need to get those electrons from the Earth to balance out and restore our health. When you spend time indoors and in footwear its is claimed to break that this link with the Earth and that this can have negative consequences for our health. Going barefoot on the Earth or sleeping on a mattress that you can buy from them that is connected to the earth or grounded is claimed to restore our health. They use a lot of sciency sounding words to promote it or link to easy debunked or poorly done studies to support what they are saying.

Anyone with a basic understanding of physics will easily point out that the claims of those promoting grounding are totally wrong, do not stack up to scrutiny and the mechanism of balancing “electrons” is totally impossible. Electrons are electrons. There is nothing special about the electrons that are in the Earth. Pleas do not fall for the nonsense that is grounding, or their big words or there easily debunked YouTube videos. If there was something to grounding, then there would be by now some good science that supports it. There is none that stacks up to scrutiny.

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Michael Administrator
My name is Michael and I have had fibromyalgia for a very long time. I have tried everything and nothing for it. Everything has worked and nothing has worked. It is a constant battle to find a glimmer of anything that may help, even a little bit. I hope I can help you.